6th Paper (6a.)
July 9th, 1869        33 days out.
Lat. 18.40 degrees North.  Long. 178.25 degrees East.

paper 6a pg 1
One day gone out of our existence.  Yesterday was Wednesday the 7th, Today is Friday the 9th.  We lose one day sailing around the world, and crossing the meridian of 180 degrees from Greenwich, or half way round.  We plot it out and are in the Eastern Hemisphere.  It’s an old story with  me, But it’s the first time the passengers were ever in it.  My sounds are very faint for I have not much to report.  We have our regular readings from the cyclopaedia every evening, and they are very interesting.  I have made two brackets, fixed up all my accounts, etc.,  The sail makers are all busy and that is about all.


One of our Chinese passengers is a very respectable Chinampaper 6a pg 2an.  He is going home with money enough.  He talks good English and is a very intelligent kind of person.  His wife is a Kanaka beauty.  I wonder what her Chinese sisters will say to her.  My bouquet is all withered and gone except the geranium leaves.  They are green yet.  The rats have all left us I think.  We have got too many cats for them this time.  Mr. Spears & Mr. Fisk entertain with Brookfield and their travels.  And it is a god deal of company, it seems like old times.  One of them caught a bird yesterday.  They are always anxious to fish.


Sunday July 11th.  This day I remember well.  A year ago I stoodpaper 6a pg 3 at my little cottage door early with morning, and rang the bell for entrance.  How fresh and quiet it was, and then came to let me in one very dear and sweet to me, fifteen months had fled since I had seen her.  And never before in our own home, but who was that with her?  One I had never seen before, little Dannie, sweetest of children.  I shall have to go and see them today.  Although it’s 1200 miles away.  The little fellow is changed .  I do not know him, and Marie? Is a great tall girl.  She reads and writes and ciphers now, and can tell me all about Geography.  Dear daughter mine.


But their mother, I can’t seem to see how she looks, whether wpaper 6a pg 4ell, or bad and careworn, I expect she has her troubles.  The men are all busy haying now.  They noble help last year.  I don’t suppose they miss them now though.
When shall we meet again!
The Franklin is slow and it will take her a good while to get round, but one day mark or another, will do it’s time.
Pilgarlic spends a good deal of his time thinking how he would fix things up , if his family were here, and thinks that the time may come when they will be.
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